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From Stage IV COPD to Complete Recovery

December 4, 2013

My mother was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD early in 2003. It was no surprise since she had smoked cigarettes for more than 40 years. I had worked in a hospital more than 20 years earlier and remembered the repeated admissions of these COPD patients. I remembered watching them deteriorate down to “skin and bones” until eventually I would not see them anymore. I assumed correctly that they had finally succumbed to the disease. COPD had sucked every bit of life from their body.

I was saddened thinking this would now happen to my mother. I retained some hope that in the 20+ years since I had worked for that hospital the pharmaceutical companies had developed medications and treatments that would cure this disease or at least, stop it from progressing further. My mother was immediately prescribed multiple medications and treatments including nebulizer treatments with albuterol sulfate and Pulmonary Rehabilitation twice a week. I didn’t ask the doctor if these drugs would stop the disease progression or even better, cure the disease. I think I was probably afraid of what the answer might be.

For the next 2+ years I made sure she took every COPD medication on time, every day. I made sure she did the 4 ordered nebulizer treatments with albuterol sulfate every day and I made sure she attended Pulmonary Rehab twice a week. She quit smoking the day of her diagnosis or soon after. I started researching emphysema and COPD immediately but did not find any good news for the first 8 or 9 months.

At the end of this period of more than 2 years she had deteriorated down to “End Stage Emphysema” or “Stage IV COPD.” After observing my mother all day, every day for this entire time I noticed that:
1. As her supplemental oxygen requirement increased, her meal size decreased.
2. As her meal size decreased, she lost weight.
3. It was obvious the disease was progressing as if she was still smoking and not taking any medications. In other words, the drugs were not having any effect on the continual disease progression. (i.e. They did not provide any lasting improvement in my mother’s condition but did temporarily mask the symptoms of the disease.)

When I started thinking about all these observations together it became painfully obvious that something was growing or proliferating in my mother’s lungs. I thought it might be some pathogen present in cigarette tobacco that was introduced into my mother’s lungs from smoking. The worst part was the doctors were totally oblivious to it, whatever it was. They were not acknowledging the presence of this pathogen or providing any treatment that would eliminate it. I realized I would need alternative solutions if I was going to help my mother survive this disease. These medications and treatments were obviously not going to provide any lasting improvement in my mother’s condition.

I asked one of my mother’s doctors why her emphysema and COPD were progressing so long after she had quit smoking. He told me that they (the doctors) did not know why emphysema and COPD continued progressing long after smoking cessation. All he knew was that the drugs would slow the progress of the disease.

After observing my mother and her deteriorating condition over more than two years I did not believe the drugs were doing anything other than temporarily masking symptoms. In my opinion, this was very little return for the more than $1200 in drug costs each month. I knew the drug companies and their investors were getting rich on these and other drugs and this would have been fine with me if their drugs were helping cure this disease or even stopping its progress but they were not doing either! My mother was dying right in front of me and I had no idea what I could do about it, so the research continued.

In total I spent more than 6500 hours researching emphysema, COPD and optimal health over more than 4 years. I read anything I could find that I thought might help my mother. I eventually found many prominent physicians and researchers that have been overshadowed by the enormous profits, power and influence of the pharmaceutical companies.

I had not previously realized that the pharmaceutical companies did not have one single drug that cured a disease! I did not realize the AMA received more than $500 million from the pharmaceutical industry every year. What is this money for anyway? You may want to think about that before agreeing to additional prescription drugs.

I eventually found Dr. Kenneth Hunter, a Microbiologist and Cancer Researcher who stated that cancer was a pathogen and that pathogens ate sugar. Dr. Hunter was removing all sugar and simple carbohydrates from his patients’ diets in his successful cancer research. Dr. Fred Pescatore, a New York City physician and author of “The Allergy and Asthma Cure.” Dr. Pescatore uses essentially the same diet in his 8-step cure for allergies and asthma while most doctors continue prescribing daily prescription medications for these illnesses ignoring Dr. Pescatore’s successful solution that does not require any medications.

I started my mother on this restrictive diet immediately. After a 2 week transition period we were strictly adhering to this diet. Amazingly, only two short weeks later my mother was already showing subtle signs of improvement! The significance of these improvements was that they were the only improvements she had shown since her diagnosis. In addition, the improvements were permanent and we built upon them daily. Seventeen months later my mother had completely recovered from emphysema and COPD. It took much more than just this restrictive diet however, the diet began the improvement most likely by starving the pathogen that causes emphysema and COPD disease progression. I know the doctors do not agree with this approach however, when the disease progression is approached from this perspective, improvements ensue almost immediately.

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COPD and Emphysema: Conventional Treatments vs. Alternative Treatments

August 29, 2012

My mother was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Emphysema early in 2003. Early on, signs of the disease were not obvious except for the additional medications added to her growing list and the new nebulizer treatments each day. I made sure my mother took each medication as directed and did every nebulizer treatment. I took her to Pulmonary Rehab twice a week.

After more than two years of following doctors’ orders to the letter, my mother had deteriorated down to “End Stage.” She weighed only 77 pounds down from her normal body weight of 103 pounds. She required 4 liters of continuous supplemental oxygen and was still gasping for air most of the time. She could only sleep for about an hour before waking in the middle of an exacerbation. She could only eat about a cup of food at each meal. She knew if she ate more it would negatively affect her breathing.

What is Causing the Progression of Her Emphysema and COPD?

I asked her doctor why her emphysema and COPD were getting worse. After all, she had quit smoking more than two years earlier and I knew she had not smoked any cigarettes since. I expected a complicated medical explanation but what I got instead surprised me.

He said,

“We don’t know why emphysema and COPD continue progressing long after smoking cessation. It’s a mystery”

The Alternative COPD “Disease Progression Model” Hypothesis

I had been researching the disease since her diagnosis eventually compiling more than 6500 hours of research over more than 4 years. This research, coupled with daily observation of my mother’s deteriorating condition, prompted the development of a “disease progression model” hypothesis. It seemed to me that smoking had introduced a pathogen into my mother’s lungs that began proliferating immediately and continued proliferating slowly over her 40 years of smoking. Even though she had quit smoking, the pathogen continued proliferating and the disease continued progressing.

These Medications are Only Masking COPD Symptoms

None of the prescribed medications were developed for stopping the pathogen from proliferating since the pharmaceutical and medical industries did not even acknowledge the existence of this pathogen. They seemed more interested in the $1200 in medications they were selling my mother each month. It was very obvious that, at least early on, these medications provided one function and that was “masking symptoms.” The problem was that as soon as the medications wore off, my mother was right back where she was before taking the drug. I decided that I would use these medications for masking symptoms only. I would not rely on them for any lasting improvement in my mother’s condition since they did not provide it.

Applying the “Disease Progression Model” to My Mother’s Emphysema

Once I realized the prescribed medications were not developed for curing emphysema and COPD nor were they developed for stopping the progress of the disease, I realized alternative treatments were the only remaining hope for my mother. I was really surprised the doctors were satisfied with the “big mystery” scenario regarding the progression of emphysema and COPD. It didn’t seem the least bit logical to me but my new disease progression model did so I began applying it to my mother’s treatment.

First I changed her diet to one that would effectively starve the pathogen. Amazingly, in only two weeks she began showing subtle improvements. Granted these improvements were small yet they were the only improvements she had shown since her diagnosis more than two years earlier. The best part was that these improvements were permanent and we built upon them each day from then on. Nothing the doctors had prescribed or ordered provided any lasting improvements and now a simple, but drastic, diet change was producing positive results. For an overview of the diet I used visit:

I pressed further into the area of alternative treatments finding prominent researchers that had essentially had their research covered up by pharmaceutical rhetoric. I found one supplement that restored her immune system, one that amplified her immune response and one that tore away the protective protein covering on each pathogenic cell. Even though the doctors disagreed with me, my treatments were working very well and theirs were not working at all!

I added additional supplements that restored my mother’s health to optimal levels. After 17 months on the restrictive diet and taking multiple supplements each day, my mother had recovered from emphysema and COPD completely! She regained all her lost weight. She could sleep through the night, she seemed coherent like she did 15 years earlier and she did not require any supplemental oxygen. The doctors were amazed yet still deny the progression of emphysema and COPD is a result of a pathogen introduced by smoking.

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The Importance of Probiotics in COPD Recovery

June 25, 2012

When my mother was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD I began a 4+ year, 6500+ hour research endeavor. My function was not actually researching in a lab or with patients. Rather, I located information that had been either well hidden or had not been applied to the treatment of COPD and emphysema. My primary function once I found the information was curation, that is, sorting through the thousands of pages of data in search of anything that might help improve my mother’s condition.

What I found was rather surprising. First, I realized that the medications my mother had been given had compromised her health. The large number of antibiotics she was given had definitely compromised her immune system and therefore, her immune system’s ability for responding to invading pathogens. Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria which is their intended function. Unfortunately, they also kill the “good bacteria” or probiotics that are necessary for optimal health. Since probiotics make up a large portion of the body’s immune system they are essential when fighting off invading pathogens.

An article written by Dr. Mercola details the damage done to the immune system by antibiotics and warns of a particular antibiotic, namely Azithromycin (Zithromax) often used in treating chronic bronchitis and other lung infections.

The actual title and location of the article are as follows:

Azithromycin Antibiotic May Increase Your Risk of Death.”

I also read a book by Dr. Fred Pescatore, a New York City physician who developed an 8-step plan that cures asthma and allergies. Dr. Pescatore utilizes a high-quality, enteric coated probiotic in his 8-step cure which restores the immune system.

I immediately bought the probiotics Dr. Pescatore recommended and began giving them to my mother daily. I also utilized a rather restrictive diet that Dr. Pescatore recommends. I also found Dr. Kenneth Hunter, a Microbiologist and cancer researcher at the University of Nevada School of Medicine at Reno. Dr. Hunter uses the same restrictive diet in his successful cancer treatments which have been ongoing for more than 15 years.

My mother’s health began improving noticeably in about two weeks. The significance of these improvements was the fact that they were the first improvements she had shown since her diagnosis. The drugs she had been prescribed provided temporary relief from symptoms but nothing else. No healing or lasting improvements resulted from these prescriptions and my mother’s health had continued declining while taking them.

If you are interested in the diet visit the following site. It’s free:

Although these are only the first steps, my mother eventually recovered completely from emphysema and COPD. The doctors, the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry claimed this was impossible. I believed them until I began seeing these improvements.

Once she had recovered I wrote a book about her decline and eventual recovery thinking others suffering with emphysema and COPD would benefit. Following is an excerpt on probiotics from the book.

Currently, science has established that approximately 70% of immune system cells reside in the digestive tract. According to Harvard Medical School,

“a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that you can treat and even prevent some illnesses with foods and supplements containing certain kinds of live bacteria. Northern Europeans consume a lot of these beneficial microorganisms, called probiotics (from pro and biota, meaning “for life”), because of their tradition of eating foods fermented with bacteria, such as yogurt. Probiotic-laced beverages are also big business in Japan.”

The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide states that,

“An estimated 100 trillion microorganisms representing more than 500 different species inhabit every normal, healthy bowel. These microorganisms (or microflora) generally don’t make us sick; most are helpful. Gut-dwelling bacteria keep pathogens (harmful microorganisms) in check, aid digestion and nutrient absorption, and contribute to immune function.”

Probiotics are probably one of, if not the most important supplement I gave my mother. They are instrumental in the production of red and white blood cells and are your body’s first line of defense against invading pathogens. If you have ever taken antibiotics, your probiotics are probably nonexistent and your body may have a difficult time fighting off pathogenic invasions whether they be viral, bacterial, fungal or even oncological (cancer).

You decide! Are the prescribed medications and treatments working for you? If not, you might want to consider some other alternatives. Many people try the diet for a few weeks and return to my web site for a copy of the whole book after they begin seeing improvements.

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Reverse Your Emphysema and COPD With These Alternative Treatments

June 22, 2012

How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema - Third EditionRecently the third edition of the book, “How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema” was published. Following is an excerpt from this new edition.

After 8 months of research I was still only finding the bad news but every now and then a link on some web site would lead me in a different direction and I would stumble upon something that offered some helpful information. By the time I found even a tiny bit of good news, I was miles away from the medical and pharmaceutical web sites where I had started. I realized the medical and pharmaceutical industries did not have the answers I was looking for but maybe someone else did.

Important Observations Regarding COPD and Emphysema

I started thinking about emphysema logically and what I had observed watching my mother’s struggles and declining health. I watched as her condition deteriorated and recorded daily information about her condition in a journal. A few things I realized were as follows:

  1. She had not smoked in more than two and a half years yet her emphysema and COPD continued progressing.
  2. As her supplemental oxygen requirement increased, her meal size decreased.
  3. She would complain that she could not breathe if she ate more even though the amount she was eating had decreased down to about a cup of food at each meal.
  4. As her meal size shrank, her weight decreased.
  5. As the disease progressed the amount of time she slept without waking decreased down to about an hour. Many times after about an hour of sleep she would wake up in the middle of an exacerbation.

Applying Alternative Treatments to COPD and Emphysema

In my research I found Dr. Pescatore, whom I mentioned earlier. I also found Dr. Kenneth Hunter, a microbiologist and cancer researcher at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. I quickly realized that Dr. Hunter was using essentially the same diet for treating cancer that Dr. Pescatore used in his 8-step cure for asthma and allergies. Dr. Hunter stated that cancer was a pathogen and that pathogens ate sugar. He also stated that cancer cells, like all pathogenic cells, have a protective protein covering. He was providing proteolytic enzymes to his cancer patients for the purpose of tearing away this protective protein covering making these pathogenic cancer cells more vulnerable to attack by the patient’s immune system. Dr. Pescatore was providing his allergy and asthma patients with an enteric coated, high-quality probiotic formula which would restore the patients’ immune systems. Dr. Pescatore stated that the patients’ immune systems had been compromised by antibiotics which destroy bad bacteria but also destroy the probiotics or “good bacteria.”

These two doctors had gone against conventional treatments for the illnesses they were treating, opting for alternative treatments that both made sense and provided positive results for their patients, unlike the pharmaceutical alternatives that only masked symptoms. This gave me hope and made me realize these treatments may provide some improvement in my mother’s condition. After all, she had been given multiple doses of antibiotics so I realized from the writings of Dr. Pescatore that these antibiotics had compromised my mother’s immune system and the probiotics would restore it. I was also suspecting that emphysema and COPD were caused by some unknown pathogen that was continually growing and proliferating. After reading and studying the information I found on Dr. Pescatore’s treatments for asthma and allergies and the information I found on Dr. Hunter’s treatments for cancer, I decided taking away this pathogen’s food supply with diet restrictions and stripping away the protective, protein covering on these pathogenic cells with proteolytic enzymes would be my next move.

Stay tuned for the next excerpt from the new third edition of the book, “How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema.”

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Logical Natural Treatments for Emphysema

August 16, 2011

W. Greg Miller - face pictureEmphysema Diagnosis

My mother was diagnosed with emphysema early in 2003. I had worked in a hospital more than 20 years earlier and knew the disease was considered terminal at that time. I hoped that in more than two decades the pharmaceutical companies had developed medications that would either cure emphysema or stop its progress.

Emphysema Treatment Begins

Immediately after my mother’s diagnosis she was given prescriptions for a number of medications she would take every day, some twice a day, along with 4 daily emphysema treatments with albuterol sulfate in the nebulizer.

Medications included Advair taken twice a day, Spiriva taken once a day, a prescription for prednisone every couple of months that would reduce inflammation and Combivent as a rescue inhaler for acute exacerbations.

Early on I realized these emphysema medications, along with the emphysema treatment with albuterol sulfate in the nebulizer, would temporarily relieve symptoms but as soon as the medication would wear off, my mother would be right back where she had started before taking the medication or performing the emphysema treatment.

Documenting the Progression of Emphysema

The progression of my mother’s emphysema was slow early on so her deterioration was not obvious day-to-day. I began documenting details of my mother’s condition on a daily basis, much like you would if you were working out and were interested in your progress over time. By doing this I could see the subtle changes in her condition. She was getting worse even though she was not smoking and she was taking all the emphysema medications and performing all the emphysema treatments that had been prescribed by her doctors.

Why Does Emphysema Get Worse After Smoking Cessation?

My biggest question was why was my mother’s emphysema getting worse? She had quit smoking and was taking all the emphysema medications and doing 4 emphysema treatments with albuterol sulfate in the nebulizer every day. I decided I would wait until my mother’s next visit to her doctor and ask him. Surely he would know what was causing this deterioration. It couldn’t be smoking; my mother no longer smoked! Maybe it was something left over from her 30 years of smoking. If that was the case, why weren’t they treating it or acknowledging it, for that matter?

Emphysema Progression a Mystery According to Doctors

On my mother’s next visit to her doctor I went with her into the treatment room so I could ask the doctor why her emphysema was getting worse so long after she quit smoking. When I asked him he first gave me some medical rhetoric about the genetic disorder called alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. I replied that him and I both knew my mother’s problems were from 30+ years of smoking not a genetic disorder. He then looked me right in the eye and said something that surprised me. He said that they did not know why emphysema got worse after smoking cessation. He said it was a mystery. I decided right then and there that I would continue researching emphysema, COPD, chronic bronchitis and anything else I could find until I either solved this big mystery or my mother took her last breath.

Researching Alternative Emphysema Treatments

Initially my research revealed nothing. I realized eventually that I had been looking at pharmaceutical web sites. Their web developers, those that designed their web sites, had worked diligently at covering all the keyword phrases used in researching emphysema, COPD and chronic bronchitis. Everything I found led me back to the pharmaceutical web sites that expounded the benefits of their emphysema medications, the ones that I had already realized only masked symptoms.

Treating Emphysema With Basic Pathological Principles

I began researching alternative medicine and alternative emphysema treatment web sites. I also began reviewing pathology. I had taken a graduate course in Pathology years earlier and remembered that, in general, all pathogens eat sugar. It seemed like there was some residual pathogen, left over from smoking, that was growing or proliferating in her lungs. Maybe I could starve this pathogen by taking away its food supply.

Granted, this was a long shot, but my mother had deteriorated down to End Stage Emphysema, weighed only 77 pounds and required 4 liters of continuous supplemental oxygen 24/7. I realized she did not have much time left. I also realized it would not hurt her if I took the sugar out of her diet.

Alternative Emphysema Treatment Begins Working

The next day I took all sugar out of my mother’s diet. Remembering Biochemistry I also removed any food that would break down to sugar in a few biochemical steps like potatoes and any grain products like bread and cereal.

This left only beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables on her diet. I purchased all the vegetables fresh and steamed half of them and put the other half in salads which we ate twice a day. The grocery store I shopped at sold a higher grade of meat that did not contain any antibiotics or steroids so I began purchasing that higher grade hoping it would also help.

Amazingly, in only two weeks this one little change, namely my mother’s diet, had caused noticeable improvement. The improvement was not earth shattering mind you. She was still on 4 liters of oxygen 24/7 but she was no longer gasping for air most of the time. She was sleeping close to 2 hours without waking instead of only 1 and she was eating more then twice the amount of food she had eaten only two weeks earlier. I didn’t realize it at the time but she wa gaining her weight back.

Complete Recovery from Emphysema

I continued researching emphysema, COPD and chronic bronchitis realizing not only did the emphysema medications and emphysema treatments not work, the pharmaceutical and medical industries were not doing all that could be done for emphysema patients. I was watching my mother get better with one simple diet change that had not been recommended by any of her doctors or other medical staff at the hospital.

I systematically attacked the two primary problems that plague emphysema patients which are excess mucus or phlegm and inflammation. I found supplements that actually provided permanent relief from these problems instead of the temporary relief provided by the emphysema medications and emphysema treatments.

I found a supplement that would amplify her immune response eliminating the need for additional prescriptions for antibiotics and found another that restored the normal flora in her large and small intestines. I gave her a supplement that slightly altered her body’s pH making it difficult for any disease to thrive.

Make sure and return for the next post. I will begin covering the supplements that I used to completely reverse my mother’s emphysema. If you can’t wait, visit my web site: Emphysema Treatment.

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