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The Overlooked Cause of COPD

March 21, 2018

We all know smoking is bad for our health. Regardless of what substance is being smoked, it is universally known that inhaling smoke is bad for our health. Even if we dry out some broccoli and then grind it up and roll it into a cigarette, smoking it is unhealthy.

COPD Research

With all the research that’s been done over the years on the COPD diseases they still have not determined the cause of the progression of COPD. In case you don’t know, COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and is an umbrella term that covers a family of diseases that includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and more recently, asthma.

Why Does COPD Continue Progressing After the Patient Quits Smoking?

We assume the cause is due to smoking however, millions of people quit smoking and are subsequently diagnosed many years later with COPD. Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock on the popular TV and movie series, Star Trek, quit smoking and died from COPD 29 years later!

So, if smoking causes COPD, what is causing the progression of the disease years, and even decades, after the patient quits smoking? When I asked my mother’s Pulmonary Specialist why her emphysema was progressing 2 and a half years after she quit smoking, his response surprised me. He said,

“We don’t know why emphysema progresses long after the patient quits smoking. It’s a mystery.”

That was the moment I decided I would research the “cause of the progression of COPD” until I either found the answers or my mother took her last breath! That began my 4 and a half-year research study that ended in a comprehensive understanding of WHY COPD progresses long after the patient quits smoking. My mother had been a smoker for 40 years and had just been diagnosed with emphysema. She was very scared.

2 Distinct Things are Happening When We Smoke

There are two distinct things going on when we smoke cigarettes. The first and most obvious is the inhaling of smoke from the lit tobacco in the cigarette. We know from common sense that inhaling smoke from anything that is burning is bad for our overall health and more specifically, our lung health.

The second, and until now, previously unknown cause of the progression of COPD is the inhaling of fungal spores that I believe are present on the tobacco during the growing phase, during the curing phase and also during the consumption phase, which is, of course, smoking the cigarette.

Blue Mold Growing on Tobacco in the Fields and is Not Discarded

It begins in the fields where the tobacco is growing. We know for a fact that blue mold is oftentimes present on the tobacco while it is growing in the fields. We also know it’s present on tobacco that is curing for processing and consumption. They apparently do not discard tobacco that is infected with blue mold so what tobacco do they discard? Are they visually inspecting the tobacco for fungi? It sure doesn’t sound like it!

If my assumptions are correct, the fungi that are growing on the tobacco in the fields make it into the cigarettes and we inhale active spores from that fungi into our lungs when we smoke. You see, the tobacco at the end of the cigarette is lit on fire. The fungal spores in this tobacco are consumed in fire. The smoke from the burning tobacco is then inhaled through the remaining unlit tobacco that I believe contains active fungal spores. So two things are occurring. We are inhaling smoke from the burning tobacco and inhaling active fungal spores from the fungi present on the tobacco.

Once in the lungs these spores are planted like a garden into a warm, moist environment with a plentiful blood supply which helps supply nutrients to and remove waste from the fungi keeping it alive and healthy. Now if the patient quits smoking, their lungs heal from the smoke inhalation and their body replaces every cell in their lungs over the next year and a half to two years. The problem is, the garden of fungi has been planted and is still growing!

Opportunistic Fungi vs Pathogenic Fungi

I believe the fungi that invades the lungs is an opportunistic fungi. Opportunistic fungi differ from pathogenic fungi in that they are not easily eradicated since they emulate human cells and can easily go undetected by the immune system. Most COPD patients have been given multiple prescriptions for antibiotics which kill 80% of our immune system, namely the probiotics. They also adapt to treatments very rapidly so any attempt at killing these fungi with say, an anti-fungal medication, is generally ineffective and futile, especially if this fungi has been growing in the patient’s lungs for 2 or 3 decades or even longer.

Alternative Treatments Eradicate the Opportunistic Fungi

Alternative treatments have been developed that constitute 6 protocols for eradicating the opportunistic fungi that I believe is causing the progression of COPD. But do they work?

As the old saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.” If the progression of COPD is caused by an opportunistic fungi, and killing the opportunistic fungi is possible albeit, difficult, then what proof is there that these alternative treatments actually kill this fungi and reverse COPD in human patients?

By the time I began applying the alternative treatments from the 6 protocols I developed to my mother’s daily regimen, she had already deteriorated down to End Stage Emphysema weighing only 77 pounds, down from 103. She required 4 liters of continuous supplemental oxygen by that time and was gasping for air much of the time even on 4 liters. She could only eat a small portion of food, little more than a cup, before she would complain that if she ate another bite she would not be able to breathe!

My Mother’s Improvements Begin

After about 3 weeks on the alternative treatments I began noticing subtle improvements in her condition. She would walk into the kitchen each morning after I made coffee. She was usually gasping for air by the time she got there. After only 3 weeks of following these alternative treatments she appeared in the kitchen but was not gasping for air. It didn’t seem that she was in any distress at all!

Even though it was a tiny improvement, it was an improvement! Anyone who has this disease or is around someone who has it, knows the patient’s condition slowly worsens over time but never improves other than the temporary improvements you may see from using the prescribed medications.

Prescribed Medications for COPD

My complaints regarding the prescribed medications was that I could see temporary improvements from using the meds in the short-term but the next day her condition was back where it was the day before and probably a little bit worse with no permanent improvements resulting from using the medications. It was obvious to me that the disease was progressing in spite of the fact that my mother was taking all the prescribed medications which provided nothing more than temporary relief from the symptoms of COPD.






My Mother Recovers From COPD

These alternative treatments included a restrictive diet and a number of supplements, each one addressing one specific aspect of the disease from the perspective of killing the opportunistic fungi residing in the lungs that was causing the progression of COPD.

I kept my mother on the alternative treatments for 17 months until she had completely recovered regaining all of her lost weight and no longer requiring any supplemental oxygen! The opportunistic fungi had been eradicated. My mother carried her portable oxygen tank around with her for about a month after she recovered but never needed it.

I wrote a book detailing each step I took in reversing my mother’s emphysema, entitled, “How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema.” The book has sold in 37 countries and many thousands have reported a complete recovery.

It seems every time these people try to publicize the fact that they recovered from COPD and tell of the method and source of the information they used in accomplishing this recovery, they are met with internet trolls who try and force them to retract their statements and denounce the methods.

I can only assume these trolls are employed by someone who is not in favor of COPD patients recovering without the use of any prescription medications. If any of the COPD medications provided permanent improvements in the patient’s condition, I would help them promote it! The sad fact is, the only improvements I saw with my mother while she was taking these drugs were temporary improvements that completely disappeared by the next day!

“Common sense tells us that temporarily masking symptoms of a progressive disease is not a survivable solution!”

 Why? Because the disease is continuing its progression unabated!

If you would like additional information on how I reversed my mom’s emphysema please visit the web site below. You will find the book, “How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema” which includes the diet I used as well as the supplements with a detailed description of why I used each one and what the improvements were in my mother’s condition after adding each one to her daily regimen. There is also a book that just covers the diet I used, The New Menu That Began My Mother’s Recovery from COPD and Emphysema” which is the first 4 chapters of the main book.

You will also find information on our COPD Focus Group. Everyone in the Focus Group is improving! I have a gentleman who will most likely leave the group soon since he is nearly recovered. When he joined the group over a year ago he had just had a CT scan. His Radiologist had shown him on the CT scan that both of his lungs were full of scar tissue. The Radiologist explained that the scar tissue would be there forever.

Seven months after joining our COPD Focus Group he had another CT scan which showed ALL of the scar tissue was gone! This was the scar tissue that the Radiologist told him would be there forever and now, only 7 months later, it was gone! His last checkup showed that he had only a tiny bit of emphysema in one lung and that was all that was left.

His doctor at the VA had told him on a previous visit that she could not say that he was improving in his medical record because that was not allowed for COPD patients. All she could say was that he was stable. On a subsequent visit, after seeing how much he had improved and that his emphysema was nearly gone she decided she would go against protocol and say that he was greatly improved. I’m not sure what results the ramifications of her entry will cause. Only time will tell.

The COPD Focus Group provides one-on-one assistance to each member via weekly group sessions, text messages, emails and even phone calls. Each week a different aspect of the alternative treatments is covered in detail so each member gains a full and complete understanding of each step of the recovery process.


So, if what I’m saying here makes more sense than what have been told and you would like additional information, please visit our website at:

For a complete understanding of these treatments, visit our latest video on YouTube,

“The Overlooked Cause of COPD”

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  1. March 12, 2021 8:02 pm

    UPDATE: The book has now sold in 48 countries, up from the 37 which was accurate at the time of this article.

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